Turn video and rich media files into high-quality animated GIFs: support for MP4, WebM, AVI, MPEG, FLV, MOV, 3GP and other video files.

No max video file size. No video trimming.

Tip: opt for short videos, because GIF files are large.

Wanna grab some GIFs from Twitter/X? Install the Giffy Bird Chrome extension.

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Native Ear Web App Icon Native Ear

Train your ear by listening to multiple foreign language challenges.

Transcribe short audio recordings and check your comprehension against the solution.

Also, listening comprehension material (audio + written sentences) are made available for Anki users.

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Icon of the Multiflix Chrome Extension Multiflix

Multiflix helps you learn a foreign language while watching content on Netflix.

Anki users may benefit from sentence mining and generation of natural-sounding speech.

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Icon of the Giffy Bird Chrome Extension Giffy Bird

Ever wanted to save that viral GIF published on Twitter, but realised that it ain't so simple?

Don't fret, Giffy Bird has it under control: download GIFs either as video (MP4) or as real .gif files.

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